Written by Travis Zuellig

It is pretty easy to think you aren’t in danger of losing your job after securing three points, but this José Mourinho saga is far from over.

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It would actually be a miracle and against any norms, we have learned about Mourinho over the past decade and a half if he wasn’t sacked/departed on his own terms this season. He is a three-seasons-and-done type of manager. He will put his influence in during the first season and then expect way too much in the second, which could sometimes lead to trophies — the case both times at Chelsea. The Portuguese manager will then be criticized for performances in the third season before experiencing a dressing room up rise and the eventual sacking.

Now, that doesn’t happen every managerial tenure but I don’t see why Mourinho thinks his job is totally safe. Everyone could see it in the summer that Mourinho was setting himself up to be sacked with all the rumors about his rift with Paul Pogba and not getting the summer signings he wanted. Through four Premier League matches this season, he has just six points and despite putting real pressure on Tottenham Hotspurs in the Red Devils’ 2-0 defeat, the team still looked second best.

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Manchester United has plenty of talent to compete at the top of the table but Mourinho needs to pull that talent out in a way that addresses his defensive tactics. It is hard for some players to really blossom under Mourinho’s pressure, but it can be done. I am not saying he is going to be sacked this season but if he does, we can all chuckle at his quotes after the fourth league match.

Written by Travis Zuellig - Courtesy of AmericanEPLthoughts.com